From the recording Streamline

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The hills are still green, the horizon a dreamy haze
It makes me think of coming home
Im looking forward to better days
I want to sit in the warmth of the sun
Dark sunglasses and a bottle of rum
So many things I want to do
And there's this thing between me and you

You'd have to get up early in the morning
To try and pull one over on me
A fortune may come and linger
Before it flows back to the sea
My better days might be dead and gone
I'm hopefull enough to write this song
And everyone can see
There's this thing between you and me

Around here there's always something going on
People laughing and smiling and carrying on
I don't wanna do nothin but stay in my room
Im hoping something better this way comes soon
I might be one of the chosen few
Or my future may be battered and blue
Im hopin' that's not true
Because there's somthin' 'tween me and you

Try and keep me upright and on my feet
I cant take it anymore, ill just take a seat
Jesus told me this road will someday end
I'm tired and complaining and I miss my friends
Im the king of the losers and all I survey
Delightfully tacky, some might say
Not telling me anything new
I think there's this thing 'tween you and me
I hope you're waiting up for you know who
Cause there's this thing between you and me.