From the recording Tiny Town

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Love and affection is all you lack
‘don’t treat me in a bad way’
'I'll never understand a word you say’
And he turned his back and walked away

And when the dream ends
I’m in the van again
I’m just trying to get some sleep
This heavy load I carry must be my fate
There are obstacles to negotiate.

Every time I drift away
The van rocks me back to wide awake
There is music on the radio
The local version of rock and roll
It follows me everywhere I go
It pulls me in and lets me go
And the darkest dreams await
And there are obstacles to negotiate.

It’s strange to me this place could be so old
Are these the Rockies or the Alps or the san de Christo
Massive cliffs in my line of sight from the valley below
I could be anywhere in the world
And stay up way too late
and there are obstacles to negotiate.

All roads lead to the stage, it’s all good and alright
I go home in my dreams late at night
The hum of an engine, and a farm house hustles by
Just a glimpse of the local color in the blink of an eye
I want to take it all in
Another day and another new friend
Day after day, again and again.
I have the same Mother, no matter where I go
We all share the same fate
And there are obstacles to negotiate.