Here's what folks are saying about Cary's Music:  
"Morin finger picks with a controlled sort of reckless abandon, making the frets do his bidding as he navigates up and down the neck of the guitar. Quite impressive!... I think fans of acoustic blues will love this. Morin is an adept guitar player and delivers vocals beautifully..."
-Steve Jones, Crossroads Blues Society for Blues Blast Magazine

"Heralded as the ‘Dylan of Durango’, Cary Morin turns his attention even further towards the Delta as he explores the annals of American roots music on Tiny Town." -Joe Mack, Currentland

"Rich and resonant, Streamline is a synthesis of traditional folk, blues, bluegrass and Americana styles that perfectly meshes into Cary Morin's own brand of singer-songwriter eclecticism...Cary Morin is a virtuosic guitarist of the highest order..."  -Michael Canter, Jivewired

"Caught you last evening in Boulder, very happy to have discovered you! Terrific show, great tunes, and it is so good to see a singer / songwriter that can really play!" -Denver Fan

"Cary Morin is a true, 100% bonafide talent.  Not sure if I'm more blown away by his fingerpicking talent or his incredibly soulful voice.  Both of them together make for one of the coolest things I saw on Beale this past weekend (twice!). Bought his CD and can't wait to unpack and put it on! Thanks for the great music Cary."  -Kate Moss

"Cary did more than compete at the IBC, he taught some folks about the depth of his inspiration. I thought he stood alone with the best songs on Beale."  -John Catt, Blue Star Connection

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"A man and a guitar, a lot of soul, and an understanding of the history of soulful men with guitars in American music can sometimes achieve this kind of timelessness in their work - if they have the chops. Cary Morin has the chops and is one of the best acoustic pickers on the scene today. There are performances on "Streamline" that would stand out, variously, among the old-school delta blues pliers, the Greenwich Village folk crowd at the end of the 1950s, the back-to-nature bards of the late '60s, or today's thriving singer/songwriter scene. Morin references all these styles: they're in his vocabulary, but he's no dilettante. His engaging sound is his alone..."
-Richard Higgs  Co-Host of Folk Salad 89.5 Public Radio Tulsa

Cary's latest CD, Together, is here!

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Cary has been described as acoustic Native Americana Fingerstyle Blues; with strong qualities of jam, reggae, jazz, blues, bluegrass and dance.  Tim Duffy, president of Music maker Relief Foundation, describes Morin as a “brilliant guitarist, heartfelt songwriter and soulful singer whose music gives us pause to reflect on life’s great rewards.” 
Cary Morin brings together the great musical traditions of American and beyond like no other, from the rocking, electrified world groove of The Atoll, to the pared-down acoustic blues of Sing It Louder and Streamline, which showcases Morin’s deft fingerstyle guitar.
Cary is the 2013 & 2014 Colorado Blues Challenge Solo Champion and a 2014 semi finalist for The International Blues Challenge.  He currently performs as a solo artist, and with Young Ancients.

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